Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You Better Watch Out

Today, my same friend that made the mud comment at lunch yesterday had the opportunity to go the treasure box for working independently throughout the day (this is something that we are working on :-) ). She selected a Strawberry Shortcake toy. I told her that I used to play with Strawberry Shortcake when I was little too. She was able to take it out and play with it while waiting on the bus and she kept calling her Strawberry Cake. I admit that I laughed when I overheard she and another boy having this conversation as they played with their toys.

Boy said (with his toy) "Hey, I'm gonna get you."

She said (with her toy) "My name's Strawberry Cake! You wanna fight? You wanna piece of of me, huh, huh? Do YOU want a piece of ME!!!??"

I never knew Strawberry Shortcake was so feisty or violent!

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