Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It was just one of those days

So today was a little crazy. Nothing earth shattering, just all kinds of little things throughout the day. One of the things that happened did make me laugh a little (on the inside as to not embarrass my kindergarten friend it happened to).

So, we finally got out to recess, which is usually a time I take a little bit of a deep breath, and all the kids do too. Its good for all of us. Well, we had not been out there even 2 minutes and one of my friends came up and yelled...

"Mrs. Barnett! Mrs. Barnett. _____ (name left out to protect my little friend :-)) has something gross all over her!"

So, I walk over, not all that concerned thinking she has a little dirt on her knee or something, and I walk up to find her back, from her neck to the back of her knees COVERED in mud. It seems she had been playing on the ledge that goes around the playground, slipped and busted it in a huge mud puddle. So, we had to take the long way out around the playground (so her friends wouldn't see her) to go back in and get her change of clothes out of her backpack. On our way back, I was asking her what happened and if it had been a good idea to play where she had been playing and she said....

"Well, I learned something. Don't ever play like you're walking the tight rope next to a mudpuddle!"

I think there's probably some wisdom in there somewhere!

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