Thursday, February 17, 2011

She did what?

So, being in a Kindergarten classroom, you are sure to run into your share of tattle tales. Our class actually isn't too bad about it, but there are a few. Today during our math workshop, students were working at different stations. I was talking with a group of students at their station when one of our sometime tattle talers ran up to me and said,

"Mrs. Barnett, she took that name in bain!"

My first response, "Wait, what? What happened?"

His reply, "She took that name in BAIN!!!"

Still confused, I asked the girl he was talking about what she had said, and she replied, "I JUST said, Oh my gosh. It's really not a big deal."

He responds, "Nah uh, she said the G-o-d word NOT gosh."

At this point I realize he was trying to tell me she had "taken the Lord's name in vain, NOT some name in bain."

Oh what a joy that was to try to explain to one girl why that might bother other people and give her some other options and choices of what to say instead of that . Oh, everyday I am learning something new!!!

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