Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You need a want to go where?

I'll preface this story by saying that the students in my class are currently learning about winter and are studying arctic animals. Our classroom also has a loft built in the back corner almost like a playhouse. To decorate the playhouse, we covered the front and made it look like an igloo and the students are going to put facts and drawings of arctic animals on the igloo. With that in mind, we had the following conversation today:

Girl in class walks up behind me and the teacher and asks something about a glue stick, but we can't really understand her. I say...

"Why do you need a glue stick?"

She replied, "No, I said, can I go in the glue stick?"

My teacher and I looked at each other very confused and realized about the same time that she meant to ask if she could go in the IGLOO not the GLUE STICK.

So you know, Igloo, Glue stick, whatever....apparently they're all the same thing.

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