Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh...

So today at the lunch table, I was serenaded by 4 five year old girls singing Justin Beiber's song "Baby." It was quite entertaining and funny and I played dumb and asked them who sang that song. This was the conversation that followed....

Girl one: "Justin Beaver sings that song."

Me: "I think its Justin Beiber, not Beaver."

Girl one: "No, I'm pretty sure it's Beaver."

Girl two: "My dad says Justin Beaver sings like a girl."

Indignant Girl three: "He does NOT sing like a girl. He sings our cheerleading songs. Justin Beaver does NOT sing like a girl."

Moral of the day...don't mess with 5 year old girls and their knowledge of pop culture.

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