Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What's in a Name?

So, today, we finally had our MLK lesson after the students returned from the holiday. We read a book about MLK and created a picture of him as well. When we were wrapping up the picture activity, one of the kids said...

" Wait! He needs a crown."

The teacher responded, "No, remember, we talked about this. He wasn't a king, that was his last name. Like your last name. So it was like his name was Martin King, and Luther was his middle name."

A little boy beside me said, "Martin (giggles)...that sounds like fartin'....Why would a parent name their kid a name that rhymed with fartin'!?"

Oh dear...what do you even say to that!? From now on as a teacher, whenever teaching about MLK, I think I will unfortunately and fondly think of him as Martin (fartin') Luther King, Jr., thanks to a 5 year old boy!

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