Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hold on, what did you just say?

Yesterday was crazy, so I didn't get to post this then, and I can't remember the one I was going to post today, so I'll just post this one from lunch yesterday. First of all, lunch with kindergarteners is like feeding time at a zoo. You just pray for something like spaghetti that will take them a long time to eat. Corn dog days are nightmares. They're done in 5 minutes and then they are trying to sword fight with the corn dog sticks.

So anyway, yesterday at lunch I was sitting by a boy who asked me this...

"Mrs. Barnett, do you know what a swolly is?" (I was confused because he can't quite say his r's yet).

I said, "Umm...I'm not sure."

Boy says, "A sworly (aka swirly), you know, where someone has their head stuck in the toilet?"

I said, "Yes, but how do you know about that? You shouldn't know about that."

Boy says, "I have had one."

I said, "What, who gave you a swirly?"

Boy says, "My mom." (I'm thinking, hold on, what?) "Yeah, I got in trouble, so she picked me up and gave me a swirly."

So I guess spanking is so 1980's...apparently giving your kid a swirly is the new, fashionable form of punishment.

Oh and just so you all feel a little better about this...I'm almost positive there wasn't a lot of truth to this story that he told me.

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