Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Texas Forever...

Today I was doing a picture walk to preview a book at my reading table with a small group. During this time, I usually ask questions to have students make predictions of what is going to happen in the book. Today's book was called "The Big Box" and is basically about a family sending a box to their grandmother. I was asking questions like:

"Where is the box going? Where is the box now? Who is the box for?"

Most of the students were giving answers that made sense like, the box is at the post office, then the box is on a plane and it is for the grandma. One girl however, said it was for the grandma, but kept saying the box was going to Texas. I asked her:

"Why do you keep saying the box is going to Texas?"

She looked up at me as if I was stupid and said, "BECAUSE, that is where grandmas go to live!"

I thought Florida was the retirement capital of the world, but apparently it's not, it's Texas.

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  1. Whoop! I think she forgot to add that Texas is where all the super fun people live too!