Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pollen Season is HERE!

So this is not so much a story, but just something funny that happened today. I will admit that I am thankful for these sunny warm days for our students to be able to go out and enjoy recess. However, I do not like the pollen that has also decided to come and visit. Today, one of my little friends came up and first informed me that she was hot and "that the 'sweaties' were about to bust out of her head." She also complained that her head was itching. I checked it when she pulled up her bangs....what I found was sure enough just enough sweat to have pollen stuck all over her forehead. I checked some other kids out of curiosity. All of them had little lines of pollen stuck to their glistening foreheads. Poor kids! I'm so ready for the pollen to go away!

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