Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Eye Screening Day

So, today was eye screening day for kindergarten.  It is always difficult when you add/change an element of the daily schedule for 5 year olds.  It is especially hard when as a teacher you sign up for 11:20 as your time and the office calls at 9:25.  That's a way to send a room of kindergarteners into chaos.  So, this was kind of how that went down today...

Me: "Okay everyone, I need to you to freeze and turn your listening ears on.  We haven't had a chance to talk about this yet, but we are all going today to have your eye's screened."

Them: Room erupts into cheers, "Yeah, Ice Cream!"

Me: "No, NOT ice cream, we are going to have our EYES the ones that are in your head (pointing to them) screened, that means they are going to look at them."

Them: "But the lady from the office said ice cream!"

Me: "No, no she said eyes screened.  They are just going to check them."

Them: "Are they going to poke me in the eye?"

Me: "No, it won't hurt, and it isn't scary.  I promise."

So yeah, we finally all got lined up and considering it threw their whole day off, they did pretty well.  I would count this as a good day, and I take those whenever I can get them!

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